Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Soakers are interesting items. Made from wool, they work much like rubber pants for the cloth diapers. The wool is lanolized, which means that lanolin has been added back to it. This makes it more water resistant.
Knitting them, is fun and enjoyable, and they are so cute! I will be listing them in the shop soon. So check back soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Procrastinating at all. Nope, Not me!

So if you are wondering where I have been, or what I have been up to. Well I would love to say I have been immersed in wonderful fibery fun. Alas that is not really the case.
I will say that I have begun my frantic scurry to gather items ready for the Bedford Fall Foliage show that I am vending in. After all, why wait till the last minute.
Did I mention that the Fall Foliage Show is the first 2 full weekends in Oct?
So if I am not posting much, you know why.
Now I think I put that spindle under this pile of wool. Nope. Maybe this one? . . . gulp. Off to find it.