Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shop Update!

Wow, this month is just running away. I have finally managed to get a picture of the last project of 2009.

This is the 2nd Whisper Scarf pattern in the Fiddlesticks knitting pattern packet.

I did a bit of modification on it - as I only did the required 2 repeats of chart B. But when I got to chart C I realized that it was going to be shorter than I expected.

So I added 2 more repeats of Chart C, which has a rose in the edge detail.
Pattern: Whisper Scarves from Fiddlesticks Knitting (this was #2)
Yarn : Schulana Kid Seta Melange in a dusty rose colorway.
Needles : size US 4

I have to say, I really like this pattern. It is well written and the charts are wonderful. I may have to make these scarves again.

I did do an update in my shop this week, make sure you take a peek at Sparkling Roses.

This is some yarn I really love, so much I have gotten 2 more lbs of the roving from the breeder/seller of this mohair blend.

I originally purchased this fiber at MD Sheep & Wool. Somehow I lost the contact info on it, and spent some time looking for the seller.

I finally found her - however she had just gotten a new batch of this blend. So its just a bit different from this one, as the dyeing of the fiber is very hard to match from batch to batch.

So I am offering this yarn for sale.
Its a wonderful blend of colors - gold, yellow, purple, green, blue and some firestar gold glitz to add sparkle. This is a mohair blend with over 700 yrds in total!
Some lucky knitter will enjoy knitting with this luscious yarn. Hurry and check it out here. It may not last long and you don't want to miss this for that special project.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

January - the time to stay in and knit.

The whole country seems to be in the deep freezer at the moment. This is the perfect time to stay in and knit.

I was just checking my previous posts, and saw I had not posted a picture of the finished whisper scarf #1.
So without any delay - here is the picture I took when the blocking was done.

I did manage to get the #2 whisper scarf done on New Years Eve. Just in time to allow me to cast on the Queen Susan shawl at about 20 after midnight on New Years Day.

I got the yarn on New years eve, promptly wound and got ready to cast on.
While working with yarn that is the size of sewing thread at first scared me a bit, I have found it very relaxing to work on.
So much so that I now consider it my reward in the evening for working on other projects during the day. This will be a project that will take a bit- if my calculations are correct ( I do not even attempt to say I am good at math), it looks like the center section is going to take me around 3 mos or so.

Once the project gets a repeat done ( 38 rows) I will get a picture of it to show.

Last evening Chey came in the house - minus her collar. She some how has figured out how to throw it off her head every now and then.
So we headed out to look for it, unfortunately finding the chain collar in the snow pack is a bit of an adventure.

So I enlisted her help.

(picture is her with it on a few weeks ago)

So far, no luck. But she is enjoying digging the snow when I throw a snowball in a spot and let her dig.

Guess who is getting a new collar this week?