Monday, November 29, 2010

Trying to be a good patient.....

So the Surgery went well, and I am home recovering. I am to take it easy and not lift anything over 10 lbs. No driving until 3 weeks after surgery.
So I am working on some knitting. How come, when you have lots of time that you have to rest, you want to do other things? I can see all sorts of things I could be doing while home, but I can't do them at moment.... but I digress...
Anyhow, I have gotten some knitting done. I have the left front of the Winter Wonderland Coat, and have the right side cast on. I finished the back of the sweater for Liz, and have started the front. I actually knit the Brambles Hat from Knitty. I still need to block it. Its beautiful and I really enjoyed the pattern.
Speaking of blocking. I am so excited, I have been awarded the TKGA Memorial Fund Scholarship!! I can't begin to say how excited I am about this. The award will be used to pay for TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program Level 1. This is a 3 part correspondence program to help knitters to become the best they can be. Since the beginning of the program in 1987, there have been less than 230 people who have completed this successfully.
I have spent some time in the past days since surgery reading up on TKGA Group on Ravelry (if you are a knitter and have not yet been to this site - I urge you to check it out! Its free and amazing). I am realizing I have so much yet to learn about knitting. I am waiting for the program information to be sent, so I have not officially started, but reading everything I can to prepare for it.
After doing a Inter-library loan, the book "Principles of Knitting" arrived for me to peruse. This book should be listed as a text book! The amount of information in it is amazing. The one problem in purchasing this, is it is out of print. Supposedly it is to be reprinted, at least that is what several press releases from Simon & Shuster in the past years has said. The last one stated the book would be released in Fall of 2009. I hate to tell them it is now almost the end of 2010. If one finds a copy for sale on eBay it is going for at least 150 and up, Amazon is the same or more.
I would love to own a copy of this, but I am afraid it is going on my wish list. At least until some one decides to reprint it and the cost comes down.
So for now, I shall spend some time with it until it is due back at the library.
Time to get back to knitting, and enjoying the Christmas Movies on Hallmark channel.
Knit Happy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finding my way back to blogging....

In case you have been wondering where I have disappeared to let me solve that mystery. A few months ago I started working for my sister three days a week.
She has a awesome business called SMart Resale LLC. She has a shop on eBay here. I spend most of my time there listing the laptops on eBay. I get to spend time with 2 of my sisters while I work.
Family has become the most important thing to me after last winter, when DH had the heart valve replaced and I nearly became a widow, it really drove that home. Then my dear cousin Amy lost her DH to cancer. So I figured, before I get a third reminder of how important family is, I am listening up and taking stock.
So focusing on family and helping them has become a priority to me. I am spending more time with family and dear friends.
Working has been fun, and I get time to spend with my sisters. But, it has put a huge dent in my knitting time. I have been trying to get a bunch of projects done. So far not getting them done fast enough. I started to knit the Winter Wonderland Coat. (Ravelry Link) I have the back done, and I am almost done with the skirt on the left front.
I also have a baby blanket on the needles. It is for my first Grandchild who is due in March. We are expecting a Grandson on St Patrick's Day. So the knitting of baby items has begun.
This coming week I am having some surgery on Wednesday. Finally after struggling for over 10 years with issues, I am having a total hysterectomy done. I am very ready for it. I am still slightly worried about pain I will have after. After having a high tolerance of pain for most of my life - this past year I have lost that tolerance and now have Fibromyalgia. The pain is now a constant in my life, the exhaustion is terrible. Problem is I don't look any different from last year. If you have someone in your life who has a chronic illness please check out the Spoon Theory.
The great thing about this -- I get a few weeks of recovery that will require me to take it easy. For those of you who are knitters - this is code that means LOTS of KNITTING TIME!
So I am hoping to get back to blogging some too. At least I am going to give it a good try. Of course, the end of this coming week may be a bit slow going. I am planning on taking the laptop with me, but it will depend on the pain and drug levels.

Knit Happy!