Sunday, July 31, 2011

Couldn't Foot it - Sock Summit 2011 challenge.

The past few weeks have been brutal. The heat and just life have had me so busy, I have not had time to do much.
The craziness finally decided to slow a bit this past week, and some knitting was getting done until the realization that Sock Summit 2011 was happening this weekend.
Considering that the Sock Summit is held on the other coast it has never been someplace easily to attend in this economy, but I wanted to live vicariously through those that do. The best way to keep up is in the forums on Ravelry.

Then a friend showed me the "Couldn't Foot It" thread with the challenge to knit a pair of socks in 4 days. The rules for this challenge were simple: cast on at the same time that Sock Summit begins and finish the pair before it ends. The sock patterns to choose from are ones that the Yarn Harlot has made.
As it lasts 4 days, and making a pair of socks in 2 days has occurred in my past, this should be fun. But, it's to be a challenge, right? So, take away the vanilla socks, and the pairs previously made. Add in the fact that there is a family reunion on Sat, work on Friday, and most of Thursday is to be tied up in errand running.... what could possibly go wrong?

So of course, one needs to choose a pattern that will also challenge them. The Pearls of Wisdom socks. Yes, those would work perfectly and any sane person would choose those.
I cast on Thursday night, and managed to get the first cuff done.

Work on Friday was busy and due to some very strong storms. Which made the ride home was longer than expected. By the end of that commute, being able to concentrate was not up to par, and it took all evening to get the ribbing done on sock 1 and the start of sock 2 on needles.

Saturday started out with good intentions, and cuff design was began. It was going well, optimism was at a high. This goal is going to be reached. Dh left to pick up and transport Grandson and parents to reunion, and then was going to swing back and pick up youngest DD and myself, to allow time for knitting. Unfortunately, a child with Aspergers sometimes decides to suddenly demand attention. Patience is something DD lacks at times, and no knitting occurred during that period of time. At the Reunion, time visiting, and playing with Grandson took center stage, and while knitting occurred, not as much was done as hoped.
Leaving the Reunion at 6pm, an hour driving was required to return Grandson to home, then another quick run to parents home to deposit some leftover items.
Finally sat down to knit at 8 pm and worked hard from then 'til 2 am, during which time two things were realized:
1. Charted Knitting needs to be enlarged for easier reading.
2. Paying attention to chart is required for the set up row or multiple trips to frog pond will be required.
Slept 'tll 8 am and resumed knitting.
10 am - starting to think the charts are against me. Frog pond visited 5 times this am.
Noon - wondering if this might be a bit more knitting than previously realized. On chart 4 of the first sock. 7 hours 45 minutes to go.
1 pm - still thinking it can be done. Visited frog pond again 2 times.
2 pm - finished chart 4 on first sock.
3 pm - finished chart 5 finally. Lost count of frog pond visits. Beginning to wonder about sanity, still only on first sock. Heel is going well, but still have two more charts to complete till toe can begin after heel is done.
3:20 pm - realized that to do last 2 charts for foot, one needs to chart them out personally. Start looking for graph paper.
3:30 pm - Only about 4 hours remain. Realization that even if knitting non-stop occurs, high possibility of not making deadline. Continue knitting a bit slower.

3:45 pm - decide that as much as it would have been great to accomplish this in the time frame given, it is not going to happen. Gracefully admit that this challenge + my life = not happening.

Then I smiled for a bit, walked around a bit, and knit some more. Poured a glass of wine, and toasted to those who did accomplish the challenge. Think some on what went wrong with my choices.
What could have been done differently? Probably choosing this pattern was not the smartest thing, but the fact is that several things have been gained by it, such as:
1. If decreasing is needed and doing colorwork in bands, do the decreases on a solid rows before the colorwork looks better. If done in the row after, it causes the colorwork to be altered and will not give desired effect.
2. Purl rows when knitting a sock are not as fast as doing them on a larger project.
3. The Master Knitter program has altered my thinking from just knitting, to making sure it is done to the best of my ability.

Would I try again?
Yes - but would try to choose a pattern without influence of wine.