Sunday, January 30, 2011

Socks, interrupted.

I had started the twelve pair of socks in twelve months. My first pair was originally going to be a pair of Pomatomus made out of some Regia yarn. I had gotten a good start to it as you can see.

Then suddenly, life decided to interrupt me.

The first interruption came in the disguise of several pairs of my socks developing issues. These issues were holes and worn out toes that needed mending. Now I should have been better at keeping up on any issues with them, but I had been slacking in that department.

So one afternoon that should have been spent on the Pomatomus pair was spent fixing not one but FIVE pairs of socks! One pair had been repaired a few times before, and at this point it required both of the toes to be replaced.

The good news is I now have several pairs to wear till the new sets of socks are done, and then they shall be put to the emergency only pile to wear.

Then Life decided it needed my attention again - this time in the disguise of some pretty severe medicinal side effects. I am not going to go into much detail, other than to say, I am not in any way a fan of Intuitiv for ADHD in children at this point.

So I decided to make my DD a few new pair of socks. So, I took a trip with my dear Cousin and Yarnie in training to Stitch Your Art Out. Stash enhancement was needed:

The Mini Mochi is color number 111, and after scanning for a few patterns to make it with the colors screamed Fruit Loops. So the first sock was started.

Enter the next interruption - Snow.

Last Wednesday, Jan 26, my drive to work was a bit delayed. When I left for work the roads were totally dry, no snow. I had listened to weather reports were listened to and read online that no major snow was projected, only 1-3 inches of snow and a 40% chance of precipitation. Driving should not have been a issue.

So travel began in the good old trusty tank - the van. The ride to work was fine.

At least until Route 22 just passed Ebensburg. Then I ran into a wall of snow. Now, snow does not scare me, having survived the huge snowfalls of the 90's of 36 inches every week, and while driving from Philipsburg, Pa - Clarion, Pa on I-80 daily. All done without four wheel drive. So this is nothing, just a squall, it will pass.. and it will be fine. Right?

Got to work, and got into the groove. Around 3pm, suddenly we got a few phone calls. There were over 3 inches on ground in Altoona, and wrecks were occuring. Roads were being shut down. New projections of snowfall 3-6 inches of snowfall and treacherous driving conditions with blowing snows and possible white outs.

Thankfully I work with a very cool boss, my sister Mary.

Needless to say I did not go home, but stayed with her. We had some wonderful pierogi pizza, wine, and watched some Pawn Stars. I had a very nice time visiting and working on the sock:

Its now done and the second sock is on the needles. While it is not the Pomatomus, I am going to finish this pair and call it my First of the Twelve.

I think that works.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finished items.

A few years ago my dear friend Opal came for a visit, We had a wonderful time and went to Md Sheep & Wool to enjoy the fibery madness that it is. She had given me a beautiful mitten kit from Riihivilla. I started them, but as life usually does, projects for others pushed them to the back burner. Until last week.
It has been a bit cold out , and my hands were screaming for some warmth. So, it was time to pull out the WIP and finished them up!

I have to admit I love them. I blocked them inside out to allow the floats to relax. The result is amazing - soft and beautiful. They have worked well so far this week with the storm blowing outside.
I also finished the Reader Mitts for Amy. They are perfect for her as she loves her phone and would be devastated if she had a pair of gloves that would not let her use it. These are made from some wonderful Cash Vero DK yarn. This yarn is amazing and soft with just the right amount of cashmere to make them perfectly warm. This pattern is becoming a very big favorite of mine, as it is fast, yet so elegant looking.

The scarf was also for Amy, made from Noro Kochoran, it should help to keep her nice and snug. The name of the pattern is escaping me at the moment. It used one skein to make it, and is very entertaining to knit.

So now to finish one more pair of fingerless mitts, and it will be time to work on more things for the shop.