Friday, June 26, 2009

What is wrong with this picture?

Next week it will be July. A new month, and a new fiscal year for the State of Pennsylvania. Well, maybe.
You see the State of Pennsylvania has yet to pass a budget for next year. If they do not pass a budget the State will have to lay off State employees. But what about those who work in the Health and Safety areas?
The ones who protect us from criminals, help to keep the streets safe and keep those who have been sentenced to serve prison time behind bars will still have to go to work. They can not shut down a prison very well, nor will those criminals take a day off on the streets if the State Police are shut down.
Nope, they will have to go to work.
Without Pay.

Now that news alone is very disturbing, but what comes next is even more disturbing:

While Corrections Officers are not being paid,
the Inmates they are guarding will be.

What is that telling our children in this State? Sorry kid, if you work hard, and live right you will have to go without pay. Tough luck
However, if you break the law you get a room with 3 meals, a great law library, free education, letters mailed for free, TV service that is subsidized and even get paid while those who are watching you do not.

Don't believe me?

Check the news article here.

Or for more information - go to BlockheadRadio on Monday June 29 2009 at 9 am EST. Don't forget to make sure the speakers are on. The morning Brewhaha will be devoted to this topic.

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The WoolWytch said...

I love PA, but you wouldn't catch me living there. The laws there scare me...