Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Plan.

Can you believe Labor Day is next weekend? I really can not. I had planned on several projects to get done around the house this summer. Somehow time flew, life interrupted and all of a sudden here we are. One week before Labor Day the end of summer.
I am trying to figure out where the time went. Not on getting the stuff I wanted done apparently. Maybe a plan of some sort to help with this. Or a vacation.
But a plan may work much better. At least it seems to be working well with my knitting and cross stitch projects. Let me explain.
A few weeks back, after getting settled in the evening and then trying to decide what to work on first, a dear friend suggested that assigning a day for each of seven of them might work. This way there is no boredom and something gets done on each every week.

So after looking through all of the projects in progress and choosing seven the list was created:
Sunday - Santa's Magic  counted cross stitch
Monday - cross stitch quilt for Vincent
Tuesday - Shawl edge
Wednesday -  Winter Wonderland coat
Thursday - Fall counterpane sweater
Friday - Plisse' sweater
Saturday - Norwegian Lusekoft sweater

Now it has only been a few weeks, maybe 2 since starting this. But the shawl edge may actually get finished this Tuesday! Once it is done it will be replaced with a Christmas project.
This is working so well that Sharon suggested we start a group on Ravelry. Thus the group Seven WIP's in Seven Days was born.

So back to the projects around the house. For this more than one day may be needed. Possibly a week is best so not to overwhelm myself.
The first project that is in dire need is the front porch. It will take some time, but if we devote some time on Saturday each week this may get done much faster. Next Sat we do not have much scheduled. It will be the first semi free weekend in a long long time. Should be a good time to start.
Wish me luck.

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