Monday, March 30, 2009

New Spindles on the way! Contest!

I spent some of this past weekend working on new spindles for the shop, I have a few almost ready to go... Some of them are more of current designs, but the purple one is a new design.
I am still trying to decide on a name for it.
Any ideas?

Leave a comment if you have an idea for a name, If I chose your idea, you will win one of them! So make sure to leave your info so I can contact you.


Ida said...

Spinning Bouquet

MystickLobo said...

Celebration! As it reminds me of the Celebration rose. :)

Julia said...

How about Delta Xi Phi? The yellow rose is this sorority's flower.

Their five pillars are:
- The Advancement of Women in Higher Education
- Community Service
- Increasing Multicultural Awareness
- Sisterhood
- Friendship

I think that'd be a cool association. :)

Lisa said...

Coming up Roses?

Jen said...

Hi Shell......Oh that is beautiful....I think the name should be Spring Beauty :) It just reminds me of spring :)

loribird said...

Evenrose - evening + rose, sort of old-fashioned sounding, a bit mysterious perhaps...

They're beautiful, any which way you call them... "A rose by any other name..."

Beverly said...

Evening Primrose or Oenothera (the genus or a more common name of Sundrops for the drop spindle.

bjtilt on Ravelry

Katy said...

Royal Rose

Sandra said...

Royal Dawn