Monday, April 06, 2009

Technology? shudder

Technology has always been something that I have not warmed up to. It scares me in a weird way, since it seems so complicated. Uncomplicated items are more my style.
Things that do not require electricity, like the spinning wheels, drop spindle, knitting, hand sewing, are more in line with the lifestyle here. Maybe it is due to not having much exposure to them when in school, as only a few students in my class were even given an opportunity to take any computer classes. But mostly it is due to being afraid I could not wrap my head around the information needed to understand it all.
The whole learning a new language thing scared me. What the heck is HTML, and code? I had no idea, but looking back to my attempt to learn German in high school, I was pretty sure I would not understand it much. (To my defense, I can still recite the phrase that Herr Healy drummed into our heads. "Arbeit Macht Dass Leben Zus" )
When I went to college, no one I knew had a computer in the dorm rooms, we used electric typewriters. The ones with the digital screen that you could erase the last so many letters were really neat.
A few weeks ago I started an Artfire shop. One of the great things is the support in the forums. Reading through those I had many "AH-HA!" moments. Realization also hit home that the shop needed to get more of a voice on the web. Not being one to jump on a band wagon right away, this old fashioned gal had never even visited twitter or facebook.
Now that is not to say I don't chat online, I do. Constantly.
I am on Plurk and AIM almost all day. Just ask my family lol.
So after taking several deep breaths, I finally took the plunge and joined Facebook (Shell Auker), and after a few hesitations Twitter(Rosegardenfiber) too.
So, if you are on either, please say hi.
Today will be spent on the spindles, spinning, and some knitting. I will hopefully have new pictures and items up on the shop this week. If I don't, please feel free to let me know on any of the spots above!

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