Wednesday, May 06, 2009

MD Sheep and Wool Hangover

This past weekend was Maryland Sheep & Wool festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds. While it was not the best weather for it, it was still a wonderful experience.
When I arrived at the fairgrounds on Friday at noon I was greeted with this site:

While the outside was a bit damp it did not stop the fleeces from being brought in for sale at the fleece tables.
Saturday morning everything was bright and ready for the crowds.
The fleece sale was busy as usual, and fleeces left fast from the piles. The fun of seeing all the different colors and breeds was almost overwhelming.
Couple that with a plateful of Ribbon Chips, and the day is bright despite the clouds and occasional rain.
The colors of the booths was truely a feast for the eyes, and was almost as filling as that plate of chips was.
Each one held more wonderful colors than the next. It was almost like walking into the colors of the Emerald City after the drab gray world outside.
Sunday the rains came back in full force, causing most to stay under the safety of the barns and tents. The main walkway at mid day looked almost empty.
By Sunday afternoon the skies opened up even more, but the crowds kept coming.
I however was soaked to the bone, and my head was swimming with all the sights, sounds and colors I had seen. Ideas of what to make, spin, and work on were running through my head.
So I said a sad goodbye to the fair grounds, and I leave you with this sweet little gal:
Till next year sweetie!

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