Sunday, April 26, 2009

Supporting Causes

Today was a exceptionally warm day. Actually, I think it may have been a record breaker. I had originally planned to work on some spindles, but I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. I love to hang out the bed clothes on the line and always feel so good when they are all done.

As I was hanging out the quilts today, I was looking at the Rose bushes, and the Lilac. The leaves are starting to come out, and the buds on the lilac are getting big. Even though it was so warm, the feel of hope of spring was in the air.

Hope is something we all reach for. Hope is always there to encourage us that things will get better.

I had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for the Fraternal Order of Police. After the horrible slaying of the 3 officers in Pittsburgh, it was wonderful to see the amount of people out supporting those who answer the calls never knowing what it will bring. If you have a chance to support the Police or Corrections Officers in your area please do.

Tuesday night I will be attending another fundraiser for Relay for Life.

As many know who visit my ArtFire Shop, I have a Drop spindle there that part of the proceeds go towards Relay for Life. The decision to do that was easy, as Cancer has touched my life and my husbands in many ways.

I will be introducing another new spindle in the next few weeks, this time with proceeds going to Autism Speaks. Autism is a cause near to my heart. So keep an eye out for the new spindle soon.

I urge you all to support those things that are special for you.

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Beverly said...

Your spindles are beautiful and what a wonderful way to support such a worthy cause.