Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Up and Moving, Honest I am!!

Well, at least I am trying to. This dang toe is really beating me up some. For the record, on March 2 of this year I had a cyst removed for the 2nd time from a toe. To try to keep it from coming back again (this last time it only stayed away for 6 mos), the doctor this time scraped out the joint to fuse the bones. It also has a pin now in it.
This has been very painful, and is limiting my movements around the house, as it is my right foot, driving is out of the question. Thankfully next Monday I *should* get the pin removed.

I did however do some dyeing of roving this past weekend. I had been asked to do a special dye job for a friend, and that was the first one I worked on.I was enjoying the day and had an idea to dye one of the rovings from a deep mauve/red to a very light pink.
This is the result:

4 Ounces of shetland roving in a colorway I am going to call Rosebud I think.

I listed some new hand dyed sock yarns in the shop this past week, and this one has to be my favorite of all at moment.

I keep hoping someone will buy it before I cave in and wind it up to use myself.I am hoping I will be much more mobile next week!

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Amy said...

I hope so too, that sounds very painful!! Love all that felt so pretty! Thanks so much for coming to see me!!