Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finding my way back to blogging....

In case you have been wondering where I have disappeared to let me solve that mystery. A few months ago I started working for my sister three days a week.
She has a awesome business called SMart Resale LLC. She has a shop on eBay here. I spend most of my time there listing the laptops on eBay. I get to spend time with 2 of my sisters while I work.
Family has become the most important thing to me after last winter, when DH had the heart valve replaced and I nearly became a widow, it really drove that home. Then my dear cousin Amy lost her DH to cancer. So I figured, before I get a third reminder of how important family is, I am listening up and taking stock.
So focusing on family and helping them has become a priority to me. I am spending more time with family and dear friends.
Working has been fun, and I get time to spend with my sisters. But, it has put a huge dent in my knitting time. I have been trying to get a bunch of projects done. So far not getting them done fast enough. I started to knit the Winter Wonderland Coat. (Ravelry Link) I have the back done, and I am almost done with the skirt on the left front.
I also have a baby blanket on the needles. It is for my first Grandchild who is due in March. We are expecting a Grandson on St Patrick's Day. So the knitting of baby items has begun.
This coming week I am having some surgery on Wednesday. Finally after struggling for over 10 years with issues, I am having a total hysterectomy done. I am very ready for it. I am still slightly worried about pain I will have after. After having a high tolerance of pain for most of my life - this past year I have lost that tolerance and now have Fibromyalgia. The pain is now a constant in my life, the exhaustion is terrible. Problem is I don't look any different from last year. If you have someone in your life who has a chronic illness please check out the Spoon Theory.
The great thing about this -- I get a few weeks of recovery that will require me to take it easy. For those of you who are knitters - this is code that means LOTS of KNITTING TIME!
So I am hoping to get back to blogging some too. At least I am going to give it a good try. Of course, the end of this coming week may be a bit slow going. I am planning on taking the laptop with me, but it will depend on the pain and drug levels.

Knit Happy!

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