Thursday, March 08, 2012

Taste of Spring Weather

Yesterday was in the 60's. Beautiful weather for the early part of March. One thing people can not complain about this winter is the snow and cold. It has been suggested it is the warmest winter on the record for over 100 yrs of more.

So today I had planned to do several small things around the house, along with some errands. I decided to do the errands first delighted in the ability to wear sandals and no coat. It felt great. Beautiful weather and some sunshine is wonderful for the attitude.

Only bad thing about the beautiful spring like weather is it spurs me into a major cleaning mode. So what was going to be a small amount of normal cleaning turned into rearranging of some furniture, deep cleaning some areas that are rarely touched (think junk drawers) and some walls getting wiped down.

The taste of spring weather was short lived today though as some rain moved in and the temps are dropping back to the more normal range. The house looks a bit fresher now too.

Days like this are wonderful giving us just a taste to remind us to appreciate the warmer weather still to come.

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