Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some things.

I have been working on several things and finally have some finished items to show:

This is for a person who is expecting her 2nd daughter any time. As its the summer, I figured making the sweater a bit bigger than newborn would give more use of the sweater. I really love the buttons on it.

 The scarf started out as just a practice piece until my coworker saw it and fell in love. When she mentioned she did not have a scarf for winter the scarf became hers! She was so surprised I would give it to her that I am very happy it found a home.
 The lace project I have on the needles is a kit I got from MD Sheep & Wool. It is coming along well but I was not able to get a good picture of it as I am working on the lace edge. But its the last part of the pattern. So will be done soon.
I did work on the Santa's Magic cross stitch pattern some. At least you can tell a bit of what it is.

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