Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fibers FIbers Everywhere. . . . .

Or maybe I should say Rain, Rain, Go Away. . .
Its been very gray and getting a bit chilly today. I know this is part of Spring, and that the rain is very needed, but still. I would love some nice warm sunny days.

Maybe this is why I decided to look for something colorful to put in to the shop this week.
The first one I listed yesterday when it was very dreary is this bright colored one I called "Tonks":

The 2nd one is a corriedale roving I have named Juliet. Both of these are 4 ounce in weight, which if spun in a sock weight, should give you enough to make a pair of socks.
Spun lace weight one will have enough for a nice size shawl.

Looking at the calendar today reminds one that Maryland Sheep and Wool is approaching fast.

The vast array of colors, fibers, yarns and animals will surely overwhelm even the most seasoned fiber person for a bit. I expect to be blown away with all the wonderful smells and sights as usual. If you are close enough to go I urge you all to attend. There is something for everyone there.

This year I am going to try to NOT bring home a raw fleece.

Wish me luck. I will need it.


Julia said...

Oooh Juliet's really pretty. :D

Beverly said...

I love the colorways! Good luck with not buying a fleece.