Monday, April 13, 2009


I actually planned on putting the Ray of Hope spindles up in the shop today, but I got sidetracked. I am working on getting a Schacht Mighty Wolf loom. One of the things I am doing for the seller is getting a t-shirt quilt pieced and tied for her.
Now, before I go much further, I promise the spindles will be going into the shop on Weds, as tomorrow I have a full day of errands and a Guild meeting.
The t-shirt quilt is neat, but I am glad it is ready now to be tied. I hope to have it tied when I am away at some engagements tomorrow. At least that is my plan. While its a neat idea, the fact of the matter is, t-shirt material stretches. It stretches badly. It really need to be stabilized, and while all of the pieces had been, it still was horrible to sew.
Needless to say, I would have rather have spent the day painting spindles, knitting or just working on something else.
At one point I even vacuumed some, but I knew I needed to get this monkey off my back.

So, after I get done doing the stuff tomorrow, I will be back to making more spindles.

I do encourage you all to stop by and look around. The place is amazing and the items up for grabs are so cool. Seriously. If I had a bailout I would be buying like nothing else.

Stay tuned!
And don't forget to Buy Handmade!

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