Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Distracted to say the least.

So its been a while.
Here it is December, I have lost the end of October and all of November some how. What a whirlwind of the time it has been.
In October, DH had open heart surgery. That was a bit of a life changing event to say the least. Most of October was spent dealing with the surgery, and when that settled a bit - problems began with eldest son. After getting all of the issues with him settled a bit, I was then slapped with reality that it had somehow turned into the first week of November.

I had almost forgotten I was planning a surprise party for someone special. . . . .
That went over quite well, although he states he figured it out about a half hour before the party. I don't think so. We had a good time. He did think briefly of grabbing his chest when they yelled surprise, but thankfully he didn't. I think after everything I might have actually killed that love of my life if he had done that. Stress I tell you - the man causes stress!
The weekend quickly passed after the party - speeding me to picking up the new to me Mighty Wolf Loom.
Needless to say, after the stress and loss of sleep for the past few weeks, I decided I was in need of some play time. After all who doesn't like to play with a new toy? So now I am working on finishing the items needed to be done ASAP! I am also starting to make Biscotti for sale during the holidays too. No rest for the wicked I guess.

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