Friday, December 04, 2009

Need for Prayers, and cards too!

Last night before I went to bed, I caught my "Adopted Daughter" Sarah on Facebook. I was going to share the fun I have been having with the new loom, the spinning, the knitting and even the scrap booking. When she told me some horrible news. Her niece, Alexis, was just diagnosed with Leukemia.
Needless to say, this quickly took the wind out of me. This little gal is 2 yrs old, and so sweet. Somehow, due to the swine flu, her symptoms were not picked up on as quickly as they should have. Thankfully now, she is in Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital and treatment will be beginning soon.

As Sarah and I talked we came up with a few ideas to help everyone deal with this and to help Alexis too. We know Alexis loves to open things, so we are going to get a card shower going - inviting everyone to send a fun card to Alexis.
Please send them to:
Alexis Battisti
1007A East Atlantic Ave
Altoona PA 16602

The second thing we came up with was that due to the Chemo she is going to loose her beautiful hair for a while. What can we do about that? Well, this will be devastating, but instead of making it a sad thing, why not turn it into a fun thing too?

Besides, what does a Knitter do when faced with bad things?
We Knit!
So I am asking everyone for some help, Please leave me some links to your favorite Hat patterns - so we can get started.

Let us make Alexis the Hat Princess !
Lets give her a different hat every day of the year!

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