Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tags, Tags, who has Tags???

As one knows, I love all sorts of crafts. When I heard The ScrapYard Scrapbooking shop was moving into the center where Delightful Ewe was, I tried to convince myself that I was not going to be sucked in.
It was bad enough that every May when I go to Md, Carole tries to slowly indoctrinate me into scrap-booking and stamping. Still I tried to stay strong. Even when Sandy, the sweet owner of the Scrapyard began to learn to knit, I continued to resist.
Now I could give you a very good and even possibly a sane reason why I fell into it by saying I was trying to help find something that sparks Rochelle's intrest. Add to the mix that Carole was nice enough to show me Tim Holtz's 12 tags of Christmas, and well. . .
Suffice it to say I am now doing some of it.
Well maybe more than some.
Okay, I am SUNK!!

So I started innocently enough. I was looking at some of the tags he made and thought - oh I could possibly use that for a card. So I played a bit with Rochelle's supplies and this was the result:It was my take on the tag Tim made for day 1.
I was kind of pleased with it, and truth be known I have played with making cards myself before. I do have some stamps, and inks and well, it is just plain fun!

So Day 2 of tags I played a bit more as I did not have the items Tim did, but I made due with some other things:Then I discovered that one could chat with Mario and Tim on Facebook! Oh man what fun. I had a hard time pulling myself away to bed last night. I was so excited to get up this am and see what Tim had created for Day 3. All that was spilled during the chat was that he used some black distress ink.
Today was so awesome. The tags for day 3, and yes you read that right - the TAGS! He made not one but 2 with the technique. I was desperate to try the plaid out. So I went out to the Scrapyard, and came home with some alcohol inks and a mat.
Now, understand, I checked 3 places for the gloss cardstock, without finding any. So it was once again time to make due.
I bought some white cardstock, that is smoother than the others. I played with loading the ink pad with some blending solution until it would glide on this and I was off:I now understand why Tim made more than one tag. This is addicting. I found so many different plaids I could make with just 4 colors, well its entrancing to say the least. It was actually hard in a way to stop making the plaid and make a card.

Now this is what I have done so far - but I am still not sure it is done. I am thinking it needs a ribbon or raffia and a charm yet.But till I can figure out what it needs, I need to finish 2 more pair of felted clogs. I have one of them almost done, so will try to behave, work on them, and not stay up all night with Tim & Mario on Facebook.
Wish me luck!

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